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STEINSERV administration building
STEINSERV administration building

A considerable loss of know-how, caused by a reduction of personnel overcapacities at the millennium turn, was in contrast to rising needs for qualified personnel and increasing activities of the plant operators and suppliers.

New recruitments may cover the personnel demand but cannot fill the existing lack of experience.

Our staff, former employees of the traditional L.C.Steinm├╝ller company has not only expert knowledge in the field of energy and environmental technology of older power plants, but also in the use of new technologies and materials.

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Engineering is one of
our professional expertise

With our experience, the wide range of products and our services we are both, innovative and creative. By permanent staff training and education of younger employees, we guarantee customer satisfaction and proximity - both a matter of course for us- keeping our high quality standard and the strict adherence to time schedules.

We do not only perform services, combining exchange or renovation of components and assemblies, we do work as well on technical solutions for plant optimizations, which come into practice by tailor-made fabrications, procurement of bought-in material and their assemblies.

We have convinced our long-standing clients by competence and motivation in the field of engineering, welding technology and assembly.

Single tube cladding, sample
Single tube cladding, sample